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Data Driven and Agile Software for Recruitment Professionals

Wisestep helps you to fast-track your recruitment process, have better candidate conversations, improve conversions and accelerate growth with real-time analytics and intelligence.

Monitor Recruitment Productivity in Real Time

  • Get insights on the efforts done by Teams, Individuals and Companies

  • Monitor Real-Time Productivity by Each Team and Individual

  • Check the Productivity Funnel, from Mappings, Followups to Submissions


Submission Analytics that Grow your Business

  • Know the Slackers and Stars in your Team

  • Get Submissions data by Date with detailed Drill downs across Teams and Clients

  • Monitor Submissions in Real time

Submission Analytics

Jobs Analytics that puts you ahead

  • Track Analyze Job Posted to Jobs Serviced across Clients

  • Know the level of Coverage for each job, every day

  • Track Data by Date and Time

Job Analytics

Don't Guess. Know your Candidate Pipeline.

  • Watch your Candidate pipeline as never before

  • Be ahead of the curve and make better decisions

  • Don't Guess, Know the Clients and Recruiters that matter to you.

Candidate Pipeline

Allocate Jobs to the right Experts in your team

  • Find out who the Most Successful Teams are

  • Reward your Most Successful Recruiters

  • Know who is the Fastest Team in your Organization

Job Allocation

Built for All Team Sizes

Whether, you are an individual recruiter with a simple workflow or a Large company with well designed processes, Wisestep adds intelligence and agility to your recruitment. Check out some of our Case Studies.

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