Wisestep Chrome Extension

Automate Building your Candidate Database from Job boards and Social Networks for Free

How does the Wisestep Chrome Extension Work?

Single Click to Add Candidate

Wisestep automatically captures candidate profiles from job boards and social networks and organizes them in your talent pool

    Track Candidates

Select an action and add notes to keep track of candidate conversations and build long-lasting relationships

Quick Search and Resubmit

Search your talent pool instantly to find matching candidates for other similar open job requirements                    

Setting up the Wisestep Chrome Extension

1. Install

Click here or search for 'Recruitment Automation by Wisestep' in the chrome web store and add it to your chrome browser.

2. Signup

After installation, you will be redirected to wisestep login/registration page. Skip to next step if you already have wisestep account. Otherwise, you can create one using your official email id.

3. Create/Join

After successful registration, create a new workspace or join the existing workspace of your Organization.

Learn what our users feel about the extension

They say good things come in small packages, well here it comes in a click! The WiseStep extension stands out for its features, functionality, ease of installation & use. I found it to be an effective tool in candidate data capture from different job boards & social media sites. This automation of task has freed up my time to dedicate to more meaningful conversations with candidates & clients translating to better revenue generation. The data extraction & capture feature of the extension is an excellent feeder line to the WS CRM. Structured and quality data makes search on the CRM more efficient. After all good begets good. The WiseStep extension is truly a wise step towards better and more effective sourcing & recruitment.

- Keerthi Sreeram, Delivery Manager (Leadership Hiring)

" The Wisestep extension helped automate the recruitment process for me and my team. I was able to quickly add and map candidates to requisitions from LinkedIn and Monster capturing important candidate information with a single click. In a day when I may review up to 50 profiles/resumés, the extension has afforded more time to speak to candidates and care to other business responsibilities. The Wisestep extension has saved me cumulative hours during the work week to concentrate on core business functions. "

- Robin Scott - Owner, Segment HR LLC

Watch Wisestep in Action

Automate your Recruitment in 6 minutes