What we offer

  1. 40+ Job boards, candidate database and VMS Integration
  2. Easy Database Creation
  3. Mass Mailing
  4. AI Powered features
    ● Bulk SMS
    ● AI matched candidates
    ● Similar jobs
  5. Insightful and data driven Analytics and much more
  6. Best pricing in the industry
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Applicant Tracking Software that’s easy for everyone to use

Just like how hiring the right talent is very important, choosing the right ats tracking and recruitment management software for your team plays a very significant factor for your business growth.


AI Candidate Matching of Wisestep reduces the 4-6 hours of time taken to source candidates drastically with a Single click. This has helped me significantly improve my submissions.
Vaishnavi Pola
Team lead, Northhill Partners
The candidate mapping feature helps you connect with the best candidates and links to suitable jobs and keeps track of the status of the candidates. This avoids duplication and saves a lot of time and effort.
Sai Ganesh
RA analyst, Rapid hiring solutions
Updating your database on Wisestep regularly helps you to reuse, access easily and track the previous conversations on each CV making it easier to manage the talent pool and save 30% on your investment.
Divya Laxmi
Assistant team lead, Avance consulting
We integrate with premium job boards
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Why should you go for Wisestep ATS hiring software?

resume parsing

Also known as CV parsing is a procedure for assessing and analyzing resumes important for recruiters and automatically storing them.


Recruitment automation chrome extension by Wisestep helps to extract candidate’s information from their job board and linkedin profiles and save it in a single click.


Resume bot assists in searching all job boards for similar skills, reviewing applicants and adding them to their ATS database. Wisestep’s resume management software feature makes it possible effortlessly.

Rapid Candidate Database building

Whether its 100K or 1 Million, the Wisestep online applicant tracking will help you build your Candidate Database, faster than ever.


Recruitment analytics helps recruiters to assess the hiring metrics and monitor teams overall performance which help them improve their productivity


Mass mailing is the most common way of sending bulk emails to the required contacts at once

AI Features

The Wisestep ATS uses few unique AI based features such AI matched candidates, bulk SMS and similar jobs which help source best candidates for the job.

  • AI match finds suitable candidate profiles without strings
  • Send SMS to multiple candidates at once
  • Similar match gets all similar jobs, giving more sourcing options

Boolean query generator

The AI powered boolean search query generator helps recruiters to find best suitable candidates for the jobs they are working on.

  • Builds you 3 format search strings with a single click
  • Boolean string will comprise of operators like AND, OR , NOT
  • It uses the boolean logic methodology based on mathematics

Get benefited from Wisestep ATS

2X Faster Candidate Sourcing

10 hrs Saved / Recruiter / Week

30% Lower Costs for recruiting/staffing firms

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Wisestep works under the guidelines of GDPR with privacy first design principle. All your data is stored on AWS secure cloud with recommended best practices on security built in

Every customer is provided with 14 days free trial and if you are still unsatisfied you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Yes, training is free, unlimited, extensive and included in your subscription

Wisestep is one of the best, faster and smarter ats for recruitment and staffing agencies. Startups and small businesses are the right kind of firms which Wisestep can use effectively.

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