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“ Using Artificial Intelligence, Wisestep helped us in identifying the most relevant candidate instantly for the positions I was working on. As soon as I start working on a new Role, I check the AI Matched candidates and I get good matched CVs that I can review and start contacting candidates. This has fast tracked my process and helped me submit CVs quickly for Fast moving roles resulting in more placements. AI matches are now one of the first things that I check for any new role. ”
Divya Laxmi Assistant Team lead, Avance Consulting
“ Earlier when I used to work on roles, I was able to work on 1 or at most 2 job roles and find appropriate candidates. Since I started using AI Matched candidates, I can now quickly take a look at the matched candidates for multiple roles and see if there are any quick submissions I can make along with my team. This has meant that as a team we are doing things better and faster and the productivity of the entire team has increased ”
Vaishnavi Pola Team lead, Avance Consulting services
“ Using Wisestep for the past 6 months. It is one of the best software and I am very comfortable while using it.In terms of data, using Wisestep I am able to upload 300-400 leads/day. The best part of Wisestep is its transparency and transferring of bulk data with ease.The data which we are sending everyday will reach the right client prospects and BDM's on time.It makes me work smoothly without any interruption. Overall Wisestep has helped me work effortlessly and aided me in being more productive And I have already referred Wisestep software to my network. Thank you. ”
Sai ganesh bhargava RA analyst, Rapid hiring solutions

Helping Staffing and Recruiting Firms with the power of AI, Automation and Analytics

Sourcing to Submission in minutes

AI based Resume Matching

Access to 100+ Job boards

Bots for Resume Sourcing

Analytics driven Insights

Integrated Candidate Communication (SMS, phone, mail)

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What Our Customers Achieve in 60 days

2X Faster Candidate Sourcing
10 hrs Saved / Recruiter / Week
30% Lower Costs

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Smart Integration
Enterprise Grade Security
Data Migration
Non Stop New Releases

Our latest Integrations

We are adding to our growing list of integrations with additional premium and Free job boards, Email Service providers, Resume databases, Communication Channels, VMSs to provide recruiting professionals with the best tools for making their workflow faster, smoother and productive.

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Whether its 100K or 1 Million, the Wisestep Chrome Extension will help you build your Candidate Database, faster than ever.


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