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Data Driven and Agile Recruitment Software

Accelerate your recruitment process with Automation, Real-time Analytics and Intelligence.
Data Driven, Intelligent and Agile Recruitment Software

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Cost Savings

Agility, Speed and Intelligence for your recruitment process

Analytics for Real Time Performance Monitoring

Get Real Time analytics on Productivity and Output, every hour in some super cool Heatmaps and Data Tables. Take back Control.

Analytics and Insights for Better Decisions

Quick and Intelligent Candidate Search

Get best-fit candidate matches with our proprietary search algorithm. Submit candidates faster than ever before. Now enhanced with Nearby Location Search.

Quick and Intelligent Candidate Search

Rapidly Grow your Candidate Database

Capture candidate profiles instantly from job boards with the Wisestep Recruitment Automation browser extension.

Rapidly Build your Talent Pool

Seamless Integration with Job Boards

Search Resume Databases on Job Boards from within the Wisestep Platform and save all Resumes to your Account Automtically. Save Money on CV Views

Create Amazing Candidate-Experiences

Mass Mailing to Vendors and Candidates

Easily Create, Send and Analyze your email campaigns. Get your partners to send their available candidates to you rapidly.

Rapidly Build your Talent Pool

Bench Sales and Candidate Marketing

Reduce time-to-market your available Candidates and improve the productivity of your Bench Sales teams.

Create Amazing Candidate-Experiences

Rapidly Build & Manage your Biggest Candidate Database Ever

Whether its 100K or 1 Million, the Wisestep Chrome Extension will help you build your Candidate Database, faster than ever.

   Average rating 4.8 out of 5 on Chrome Store

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Built for All Team Sizes

Whether, you are an individual recruiter with a simple workflow or a Large company with well designed processes, Wisestep adds intelligence and agility to your recruitment. Check out Case Studies   

Quick Response and Support

Quick Response and Support

Easy Data Migration

Easy Data Migration

Enterprise grade security

Enterprise grade security

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