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How Recruitment Software is Changing the Game for Recruiting Agencies

If you are spending hours at stretch and still unable to find the right candidate for your business then a recruitment software is worth considering urgently. Check out some of the features and benefits of automated hiring and how it can add value to your business.

What is Recruitment Software?

The recruitment business is a competitive one. The laws of demand and supply are quite apparent here. With India becoming a bedrock of a massive startup ecosystem, SMBs and other upcoming enterprises are in constant clamor to attract the top talent from the limited pool available. Under these circumstances you need to act faster and smarter than the competition, lest you lose out on the opportunity of hiring the right candidates.

A recruitment software is built to create a highly efficient hiring process that allows you to make strategic decisions without delays. Through a combination of technology and inbuilt custom rules your team will be able to sift through a large number of resumes to quickly narrow down the search to candidates with relevant experience to provide impetus to your business.

Benefits of Using Recruiting Software

The ability of the recruiting software to automate most of the menial and mundane tasks allows you to focus on the other far more crucial aspects of hiring. Some of the immediate benefits that you can hope to avail include:

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Resume searching, parsing, and screening are known to take up the bulk of a recruiter’s time. With an automated recruitment tool all these activities become digitized. Not only does it save dozens of hours per week, it also minimizes the chances of errors that can make you miss out on the right candidates.
  • Streamlined Process: Standardized personnel data collection forms and easy to refer resume database are added benefits of using a recruitment software that serve your current as well as future hiring needs.
  • Larger Talent Pool To Tap Into: By being able to access a wide variety of sourcing platforms like online job portals, career sites, job boards and social media networks, your chances of finding the ideal candidate are significantly raised.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Every candidate that goes through the hiring process is a potential ambassador for your brand. Keeping their experience in mind is often ignored. An automated system with clear visibility and transparency of the process is known to result in a better candidate experience and a positive word of mouth marketing of your company.
  • Data-driven Staffing Decisions: Current and future staffing needs serve as the input for creating sourcing campaigns. A firm grip on your requirements, say 3 months from now, is more likely to help you start early and increase your chances of identifying the right candidates. The reporting and analytics feature of recruiting software empowers you to take data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

The Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

On the subject of HR and Talent Management, consulting firm McKinsey reported that 82% of the surveyed companies were not convinced that they recruit highly talented people. The gap between expectation and end result is quite evident with this statistic. The best recruiting software allows you to bridge this gap and enables you to hire faster and smarter.

The best recruiting software also helps you fight the competition from larger firms vying for the attention of the same talent pool. This is achieved by giving access to multiple sourcing platforms and the ability to make your brand more visible to potential candidates. By being able to articulate the employment advantages that you have to offer, you can gain an upper hand in the hiring contest.

Which Recruiting Software Is Right for Your Business?

With so many types and brands of recruiting software to choose from, it is common to get overwhelmed while making the decision. Here is a quick checklist to help to identify the ideal recruiting software partner.

  • Functionality: Begin with identifying and defining the challenges in your current process that you wish to address. In case of multiple challenges, use a scoring system to ascertain priorities. The functionalities of the right recruitment software should be directly aligned with your challenges and must provide a way to address each one of them.
  • Flexibility of the system: Apart from helpful features, the software needs to be flexible enough to fit to your current technical ecosystem. If you need to do a considerable overhauling of your As-Is setup, then the ROI will be delivered quite late. Software compatibility, ability to accommodate customizations, and ease of implementation are important attributes toward building a future-proof solution.
  • Implementation time: The software development life cycle needs to be clear and transparent with proper governance and representation from both parties. Having clear milestones and checkpoints reduces wastage of resources and possibility of lost hiring opportunities. The right software will cause minimal disruption to your daily operations.
  • User Support: Often an overlooked factor, user training and post implementation support are vital aspects to consider. Different roles in your company may use the software differently. Having clear operating procedures and access to troubleshooting channels is critical, especially in the nascent period of the usage of the new software.
  • Cost: Last, but certainly not the least, is the cost factor. While choosing the right recruitment software and its features, you must also understand the pricing model that it comes with. Whether it is a subscription based model, a slab based licensing model, or an all-inclusive one time cost; your ROI evaluation and procurement business case can only be as reliable as the inputs that go into. Consider other charges like training, support, upgrades, maintenance as well.


Recruiting agencies and SMBs can use recruiting software to advertise jobs, identify prospects, accept applications, arrange interviews, track applicants, and interact with candidates and team members all from one place. In your search for the perfect recruitment software you must definitely check out Wisestep and how several enterprises have used our recruitment software to turn their dreams into a successful reality.



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