Recruitment Software in HR

The Importance of Using Online Recruitment Software in HR

Online recruitment software is a lifesaver for HR practitioners and recruiters and can help you save big in time, efforts, and costs. Read on to know more about its importance and the numerous benefits your business can gain by using an online recruitment software.

Streamline Your Recruiting Process

Almost all business owners will agree that hiring the right talent is a key catalyst towards the path of success. Yet, the ground reality is that not enough attention is paid towards the actual recruitment process.  The Manpower Group, in its study, reported that nearly 70% of the surveyed employers felt their organization lacked the right expertise, with 64% commenting that their recruitment process needed fine-tuning.

An ideal streamlined recruitment process should commence with an identification of hiring needs, development of clear job descriptions, screening, shortlisting and interviewing of the right candidates, and ends with the completion of hiring and employee onboarding. But, as you can see, there are so many stages involved with a variety of tasks and activities to be performed in each one of them. A manual and unorganized recruitment process leads to higher costs, additional manual efforts, low focus on the quality of hiring, and most importantly loss of opportunity to hire the right talent.

Automate And Organize Your Recruitment Marketing

All is not grim though. Online recruitment software has brought about a paradigm shift in the way hiring is conducted lately. Through rule-based automation techniques, you can do away with your entire clutter of excel files and manual processes saving you several hours in time and thousands of dollars in cost. With access to several online job boards simultaneously, you can better advertise your positions and enhance your company’s visibility.

Developer Survey and LinkedIn Recruitment reported that more than half of the candidates (around 60%) use job boards while around 49% active professionals use networking portals like LinkedIn to look for job opportunities. An online recruitment software gives you the potential to tap into this vast and eager talent pool and stand out from other companies trying to hire from the same limited set of people in the job market.

Save Time And Money With Automatic Screening

Ask any recruiter and they are sure to agree that resume screening and interview scheduling take up a significant chunk of their work day. Some studies put this effort as high as 25% of the recruiter’s daily tasks. A survey by Glassdoor suggested that each job position attracts almost 250 resumes and can cost in excess of $ 2000 to process each application from screening to shortlisting stage.

Clearly, this is time and money that can be better spent elsewhere. By using the auto-bots and other rule-based algorithms of an online recruitment software, you can scan through thousands of resumes and applications before arriving at the right fit for your company. The software tool looks for the right keywords as defined in your hiring requirements to quickly discard the irrelevant or unsuited applications. In fact, you can choose to run these searches after work hours and have a neatly organized list ready when you start work the next day. Neat, isn’t it? 

Monitor Applicant Conversations and Progress

Online recruitment software offers benefits in each stage of the hiring process. Through the power of automation, you are able to hire more efficiently and more strategically. Once the relevant resumes have been screened, and you have identified the applicants you wish to speak more with, online hiring tools allow you to seamlessly schedule interviews. By integrating with your mailbox, the software tracks the date and time while also sending alerts and reminders. This is especially valuable in the remote hiring setup where multiple stakeholders are involved in the process.

Collaborative hiring has always been a challenge even when done in joint physical presence. Having multiple rounds with various stakeholders trying to gauge the different skill sets of the candidates is a big task. And then being able to have a unified view is yet another cumbersome challenge. But this is no longer the case. Online recruitment software allows you to gather and correlate feedback from different stakeholders and get a holistic view of the candidate’s fitment to the role and also to your company’s culture. Through dashboard and other features, you can also easily monitor the status of the applicant’s candidature at any given point of time. This feature actually acts as a vital input to the concept of process improvement and helps you determine your average time-to-hire and ways to improve it.


HR is an integral function and wears many hats, especially in the case of small and medium businesses. When it comes to hiring, in particular, the importance of using an online recruitment software can never be overstated. If over 90% of Fortune 500 companies claim to be using online recruitment software in HR, clearly there is enough evidence of its utility and advantages. In an online survey regarding top recruitment priorities for HR Directors, Clevry found that over half the respondents wished to improve their quality of hire, while almost 25% wished to improve their time-to-hire. An online recruitment software is a sure shot of fulfilling both these needs while also growing your talent pipeline and increasing your quality of hiring.

With several such platforms available in the market, you should seek to partner with an experienced provider with a proven track record. Wise Step is trusted by leading companies across various sectors and of different sizes to help them meet their staffing requirements both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Go ahead, take a free trial and find out for yourself.




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