Recruitment Software for Recruiting Agencies

Recruitment Software for Recruiting Agencies: The Ultimate Guide

SMBs have a heavy reliance on hiring the right talent to represent their brand and drive business. However, it is common for SMBs to face several hiring obstacles. A recruitment software is the perfect way to sail through the hiring process with clear focus towards your business needs.

What is Recruitment Software?

A recruitment software is the modern way of hiring employees. Using a combination of various technological advances, including AI, recruitment software is able to cut through the manual efforts across various stages in the hiring process, and help you identify the right talent for your organization.

How Recruiting Software Helps Small Businesses Find the Right Employees

Small businesses are generally more growth oriented, hence, need the right talent to be business ambassadors and drive it forward. A recruiting software is able to hire faster and hire smarter, fulfilling various requirements such as bulk hiring or while finding candidates with niche skill sets. One of the immediate benefits is the access to a significantly larger talent pool to source from. Specialist providers like Wisestep offer access to over 100+ job boards through a single interface, drastically expanding your hiring spectrum. Not only external sources, a capable recruiting software allows you to build your own internal career site which promotes employee referrals. The referral program is known to have shorter hiring cycles (by as much as 15-24 days), lower costs of hiring, increased likelihood of a job match by 2.5–6.5%, and a higher employment tenure as compared to those hired from job boards.

Another key benefit is the AI driven analytics and reporting that help you make key decisions regarding your staffing needs over various horizons. Whether it be to staff for specific projects or to fulfill your growth ambitions, an automated recruitment software is there to help your unique business requirements while keeping the process agile and low on administrative overheads.

Types of Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

Recruitment software is an umbrella term. It encompasses options like Application Tracking System which is a far more robust and comprehensive tool to manage multiple aspects of your hiring process seamlessly. It can also include smaller components with more targeted areas such as Interview Scheduling, Resume Parsing, Resume Screening, Candidate Management et al. from an infrastructure perspective, options include Cloud based recruiting software, multichannel software that is available through web portal as well as mobile application, and in-house hosted software with more emphasis on data privacy and security.

Choosing the ideal type of recruiting software relies on a clear understanding of your future business needs and current challenges. Using the software as a stop-gap solution may not be ideal. However, with a bit more consideration about future staffing requirements is sure to get you a better ROI while ensuring a more conducive organization culture and motivated workforce – both of which are proven to have a positive impact on overall productivity.

Problems SMBs Face when Looking for the Right Employees

SMBs can confront a variety of obstacles stemming from a lack of expertise, size, and resources. Finding the ideal employees to build your team may be complicated, time-consuming, and eventually frustrating. You are not alone in this. In a Wasp Barcode report on Small Businesses, almost 50% of SMB owners cited hiring new employees as their principal challenge. Understanding the common problems and issues can assist business owners and entrepreneurs, such as yourself, in gaining a better understanding of how to proceed with the least amount of disruption.

  • Inability To Attract The Right Talent: This problem can be viewed from 2 aspects.
    • With a limited talent pool in the market, SMBs find it difficult to compete against the larger firms. More visible brands with better perks and benefits have a higher appeal in the mind of the average candidate seeking a change. Moreover, arguably, the perception of job security seems to be higher with larger firms.
    • Another issue could be not getting the right applicants for the role advertised. This in itself can be a rather frustrating exercise. It is not uncommon to get overwhelmed with the experience, lose your patience and hire the next most suitable candidate. This is far more ideal and usually leads to a gap in expectations versus reality. As an SMB looking to make it big, you need the precise talent for critical roles. Simply anyone, will just not do.
  • Lack of Talent Acquisition Experience: A lack of experience in running the process effectively can make you miss out on some good talent out there. Delays in follow ups, poor candidate management experience, gaps between job descriptions and actual expectations are just some of the reasons that can make you end up squandering potential opportunities.

How Recruiting Software Can Help Solve Those Problems

Fortunately, all of the above mentioned issues (and plenty more) can be easily taken care of using recruiting software.

To begin with, recruiting software gives you multi-platform access that includes scores of job boards, external agencies, 3rd party providers, and social media. Not only does it increase the chances of finding the right candidate it also helps create more visibility regarding your own unique brand. If you use it right, you will be able to clearly articulate the advantages of working in an upcoming enterprise like yours vis-a-vis working in larger organizations which have lower potential for individual growth and make decisions with multiple layers of hierarchy and bureaucracy. By showing such possibilities you can generate an excitement in the minds of the candidates who, then, are more likely to apply to the position.

Using recruitment software you can create a clear and precise job description which contains enough keywords to get the right hits during the search process. Settling for a close-enough candidate is a thing of the past. By using intelligent bot based searches you are far more likely to find the ideal candidate quicker.

Your lack of experience in talent sourcing is completely nullified since the software carries out the bulk of the manual chores related to hiring. Not only is it able to provide an enhanced candidate experience through an integrated collaborative communication system, it also eliminates waste and reduces operational expenses significantly.


As you can see, SMBs can benefit a lot using recruitment software to manage their staffing needs. With several types of recruitment software and software providers, a clear understanding of your own requirements and a thorough research of the available options is the key in identifying the right recruitment software and making it for you.



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