What is the best way to recruit employees online?

Online recruiting allows you to conveniently and effectively hire the right talent to drive your company’s business forward. Check out some handy tips on how to effectively use this staffing method.

What is Online Recruiting?

Online recruiting has become the preferred mode of hiring talent for your organization. It uses a combination of web based solutions to source the ideal candidates. The avenues include online job portals, career sites, organization’s own career page, social media, professional online network, e-advertising and marketing, etc. Online recruiting is also referred to as e-recruitment, internet recruiting, or web-recruiting.

Why Should You Consider Online Recruiting?

A fairly recent LinkedIn Recruitment statistics report stated that over 60% of job seekers used online job boards while almost 56% used online professional networking sites. With such a large talent pool available, it is only logical to use web enabled platforms to identify the right talent for your own company.  The advantages that online recruiting offers are numerous. Some of the prominent ones include:

  • You get a wider and more diverse pool to source talent from.
  • You save on cost and effort due to the automated modules that reduce manual effort and errors related to resume screening.
  • You are able to communicate to a large audience at the same time by broadcasting job postings.
  • You are able to better pitch your company culture to prospective applicants.
  • You get an overall hiring and competitive edge.

How to Advertise a Job Online

 Advertising a job online is an important starting point, but is also a broad concept. There are several avenues that the internet provides, and you need to determine which works the best for you. You may also choose to use a combination of the below provided options to broaden your search spectrum and enhance the visibility of your job listings.

  • Online Job Portals: Possibly one of the most common, and still popular, modes of advertising jobs is via online job sites. There are several specialist sites available that offer premium services to highlight your job postings and advertise them with added emphasis. These paid services allow roles offered by your company to appear higher on the list when searched by job seekers.
  • Own Career Site: Your company’s own website is a powerful tool at your disposal with negligible additional cost. Not only can you list your jobs here, but you can also showcase your company culture and excite applicants with the prospect of working in your organization. Investing in an intuitive UI/UX can lead to big benefits, as many candidates consider the organization’s website as their first point of impression while seeking a job there.
  • Social Media: While LinkedIn and Glassdoor are the automatic choices due to the large number of active professionals on these social networking sites, you must not ignore the power of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram et al. Professional networking sites are still preferred, and with reason, to hire for senior roles, however, casual social media platforms are quite convenient for entry level and other junior roles. Not to mention, they are cost effective too, with most being free to use.
  • Online Marketing: A relatively new, yet very effective aspect of online recruiting includes running virtual ad campaigns to promote your company, its culture, benefits of working there, and the job roles you are hiring for. These can be done in-house or through professional media agencies. Remember, as per LinkedIn, almost 70% of the global workforce is passively seeking jobs. That’s why you need animations, videos, and other catchy modes to attract their attention and boost your chances of hiring the right talent to propel your business forward.

Tips for Effective Online Recruiting

If you think about it, online recruiting can be considered a sub-discipline of digital marketing. The concepts involved are quite similar and, in this particular case, you are marketing the opportunity to work in your company. Often, a candidate may have far more options to choose from. But with a limited talent pool you need to make the right moves to hire the right people. This leaves very little room for error and even less for procrastination. Here are some helpful tips to effectively conduct the online recruiting process.

  • Create a Buzz: It is worth reiterating that a large percentage of the workforce is passive when it comes to seeking a job. In other words, they are not looking out but may consider changing jobs if the right opportunity comes along. To tap into this talent pool you need to create a sense of excitement that distinguishes your company as the place to work in. Online ad campaigns are a great way of achieving this.
  • Be Socially Active: The power of social media cannot be overstated. Large brands and organizations understand it well and stay visible and connected to their audience by posting news, events, blogs, and other forms of content. Not only does it significantly enhance their brand recall value, it also gives prospective candidates an insight into your company’s ethos, values and business philosophy.
  • Use Automated Tools: Online recruitment software offers advantages galore. Using a combination of software bots, Artificial Intelligence, and rule based search algorithms, you can significantly reduce the manual effort involved in the mundane resume and application screening process. Instead, you get the time and energy to focus on the qualitative and relationship aspects of hiring.

3 Ways to Find Remote Employees

Remote and hybrid working models are not just the new normal, but they are here to stay. With almost 98% of workers stating their preference to work remotely, in a survey by Buffer[1] , remote hiring and remote employment have been two of the most noticeable HR trends in the last 18-24 months. There are different ways to hire remote employees, such as:

  • Online Platforms: The online recruitment modes mentioned in an earlier section are well suited to help you find the right remote candidates for your company.
  • Own Resume Database: By soliciting and maintaining your own database of applicants and their resumes you can significantly reduce your time-to-hire whenever the need arises to add to your staff.
  • Referrals: A LinkedIn survey of HR directors reported that around 48%[2]  prefer referral based hiring, with 67% claiming to have a reduced hiring cycle and 51% saying that costs of hiring were lower too.

An online recruitment tool, like the one offered by Wise Step, has multi-faceted benefits. Not only are you able to use automated means for quick and efficient application screening, you also get simultaneous access to over 100 online job boards. Build your own database through resume harvesting, create a career site or set up an integrated referral program, all this and much more is easily achievable through Wise Step products and expert services.



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