What is Mass Mailing and How To Use it Effectively

What is Mass Mailing and How To Use it Effectively

Read on to know all that you need to before using mall mailing effectively in your recruitment drives.

What is Mass Mailing?

As the term suggests, mass mailing involves sending email-based communication to a large number of people at the same time. This technique is used by a variety of businesses, ranging from eCommerce, Banking and Financial Services, Telecom operators, Hospitality and many more. While some may use it purely to broadcast relevant information like new product launches, and tariff changes, others may use it to solicit new customers, higher footfall; and yes even for hiring purposes. A popular term for mass mailing is ‘Email Blast’. 

Why is Mass Mailing Important?

According to OptinMonster, “every dollar you spend on email marketing has the potential to bring you a $44 return.” Mass Mailing is nothing but a form of email marketing whether to propagate information or to seek response or feedback.

Sending the same message to multiple people can be both tedious and time-consuming. Using automated mass mailing tools, you can transmit your message sufficient times to stay high on the minds and thoughts of the people you were intending to reach out to. 

It can help you cascade educational information, like “how to” and “faqs” regarding your products and services, thus reducing the load on your support team. It can also be used to throw the spotlight on your company’s achievements and innovations and showcase any upcoming events and programs. 

Mass mailing is often used for new customer acquisition while also helping your business maintain a good relationship with the existing ones. Similarly, this technique is frequently used to attract the right talent by acting as a recruitment tool that can highlight the benefits of working in your organization while also giving a brief on the job role and description. It is especially beneficial while conducting high volume recruitment drives.

Different types of Mass Mailing

There is no standard way of working through a mass mailing campaign. No single solution fits all. Based on your specific goals and objectives, there are different ways and types to choose from. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Newsletter emails: This type of mail is possibly the most common one that you would come across. It is sent regularly (typically as per a set schedule) to the business clients and patrons and contains informative material regarding the recent happenings, upcoming events, milestones achieved and other relevant updates.
  • Promotional emails: Another extremely common type of mass mailer is a promotional email. Product and services highlights, discounts and sales, coupons and other offers are all associated with promotional emails.
  • Survey emails: Especially popular in the service industry, survey emails are a way to gauge the customer’s opinion regarding your company and brand. By soliciting feedback from a large set of people, you will be able to understand the areas of improvement in your operations and plug any immediate or long term gaps. Surveys are also a great way to detect consumer trends and preferences to stay ahead in the game. 
  • Lead nurturing emails: This is often a series of targeted emails that help convert a lead into an actual customer. Quality of communication is imperative here as this is a written form of ‘cold calling’ wherein your powers of persuasion will help generate revenue for your company.
  • Recruitment emails: These are bulk emails that are sent to recruitment consultants or candidates directly. The intention is to advertise open positions and excite potential candidates. It is also helpful while explaining the recruitment process, sharing position status and sending mass rejections.

How to Effectively Use Mass Mailing

While mass mailing can occur in different forms, the result is pretty much the same. It is to make the recipient absorb the information and act upon it; ideally, the way you would like them to. So, for instance, if your mail is regarding signing up for your newsletter the success is measured by how many people signed up after receiving the mail. In the case of recruitment, it can be the number of applicants who responded, and so on. Here are some quick tips on the effective use of mass mailers:

  • Avoid desperate or blatant terms in the subject, they are likely to throw your mail in the spam box
  • Avoid all CAPS. Aim for dignified and professional business language
  • Try and personalize emails as much as possible
  • Use a proper template for different types of emails and their purposes
  • Keep your mailing list updated
  • Always offer people the option to unsubscribe, if they so choose to do so
  • Avoid pestering or following up too frequently
  • Be mindful of people’s privacy and put emails in BCC so that they are not visible to all

Key Takeaway

As you can see, the primary objective of a mass mailer is to convey important information to a large body of people, and also to elicit a response from them. This requires a combination of communication skills, market insights and powerful technology. Wise Step has them all and has been helping several businesses have a delightful relationship with their existing customers while also helping them attract new ones. In fact, 5 M + emails are sent every month using Wise Step’s mass mailing solution. Wise Step also helps growth-oriented organizations hire the right talent to propel their business forward. It’s time you tried it out too. 

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